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The 4 Powerful Ways to Change a Bad Habit – Jim Rohn

We all have bad habits.

Or I should say, those habits we would like to change, eliminate, or whatever (we avoid calling them ‘bad’, right?).

The thing is – how?

How to change our behaviors (what essentially habits really are) – those ones  we repeatedly do everyday? Day in day out?

Read here for an inspiration Rohn: The 4 Powerful Ways to Change a Bad Habit

Good luck,

Be happy. Here and now

The power of commitment and discipline..

Yesterday I met a very interesting person.

Let’s call her Mandy. We had a little chat about this and that (you know, the usual ‘weather’ chat)…

And then she said that last year, in August she decided to quit smoking. So I asked how that went.

She said that she made it (bravo!!!) and instead of spending the money, every time when she thought like having a cigarette she put that money away. as per yesterday she have saved £1200!!!!!!! And now she is thinking about a holiday somewhere nice!

Isn’t that amazing?

That is a great example of what commitment and discipline can do for you.

Imagine what could you achieve if you were so committed to your goals? And you had put all the discipline to stay on it every day?

What goal do you constantly put away, simply because you lack discipline?

Is it saving?

Is it exercising?

Is it reading?

Or is it simply the attempt to keep your house tidy (that is a big one for me;))

Whatever it is…

Make a choice today to get to it.

Mandy did it

So you can do to.


Be happy. Here and now