Well, we are all well dipped into 2018 now, aren’t we?

I’m sure you have some New Year’s resolutions. You want to develop new healthy habits; lose weight, save money, etc.

While you are (still) adding to your list, do not forget a very important habit – a daily reading.

Reading is like a metal candy, it is for a mind as the exercise for the body.

Here is a book to help you develop this essential habit.

365 book

It is a compilation of short, half-a-page paragraphs on each day of the year – fascinating stories in digestible size length

So if you are not into reading, yet, this will definitely help you to develop this important skill and soon will become an essential part of your day. And will also be fun to learn what happened on a particular day in the past, won’t it?

Because you cannot tell me that finding 10 minutes to read is difficult, can you?

So start today

I can guarantee that after a few days you will be a reader, who craves more and more…

 Be happy. Here and now