We all have them.

Probably more than one.

 Our fear gremlins.

They sit on our shoulder, very close to our ears to tell us: ‘this will not work’,’ give up’, ‘wise-up’, ‘who do you think you are?’

It is not your friends, family, neighbours, or whatever.

It is your gremlin, who does not believe that you can achieve success.

That you can achieve your dreams.

That you are miserable.

That you are useless.

That you have necessary skills.

That whatever you have done so far means a lot.

That it is worth trying.

 Your gremlin. Fear gremlin. Gremlin, which was born thanks to you.

This little fella, who sits on your shoulder and whisper ‘time to quit, I told you it is not going to work, Give up’ was created by you. It is your excuse to give up. It is your excuse to not take this small step every day. It is your excuse not to start at all.

 But you know what?

This gremlin does not exist at all. You made it up so you can un-made him. Right now.

Tell him bye-bye and get to work.

Write your goals, dreams, and plans and start immediately. Every minute counts, every small steps count, every small triumph counts.

They all amount to something very, very big. Huge. Something you probably cannot see yet, but you will.

 Don’t give up.

As Winston Churchill said: ‘Never, never give up’.

That is all you need to do


To your happiness…