Today, my faith in the good, honest people is restored.

I was shopping today with my husband. When we got home I had realised that my wallet was gone. I couldn’t find it anywhere. So we thought back about our steps and the only place we could think about was a car park at Victoria Square shopping centre, Belfast.

So I ran a security office and the guard told me that somebody had just handed it in! So I went back and he gave it back to me. When I looked inside everything was there, nothing missing.

Thank you My Honest Stranger for picking up my wallet and handing it back to the security guard. I wish I knew your name. I wish I could shake hands with you. It would a real pleasure to meet you and thank in person. Your family can be proud of you – make sure you tell them what you did today.

My Honest Stranger – Your act have helped me to believe in people again.

There are good, honest people in the world.