For the last few days my mood was really down. I lost the direction and sense of being. Nothing made sense and I did not feel lie taking any type of action has a point.

This was really not like me.

 So today I met with my friend – let’s call her Cathy. When she saw me she knew immediately that something was not quite right.

So I told her that I felt burned out. I told her that I couldn’t keep going.

Her reaction was immediate. ‘Do you have your success journal with you at the moment?’ she asked.

‘Yes’ I answered it.

‘Pull it out!’ She ordered.

‘Why? Asked me.

‘Just do it’.

So I obeyed. I pulled my success journal from my handbag and handed it to her.

‘Oh, no’ she said, ‘I do not need to read it. But looks like you do!

 At first I thought to myself, this was crazy. I was there, sitting in front of here, miserable, looking for help and all she had for me is to ready my journal?

 Then she spoke:’ you have accomplished amazing things in life. You have just forgotten about the so it is time for you to remind yourself how strong you can be! And still are!’

 So I stared going through my success journal.

At this helped a lot. By the half of it I was back.

So the rest of the meeting was about future. About dreams, plans and what to do to make them happen.

As I am home now, writing this, I feel I can achieve anything. There is nothing to stop me now. As soon as I finish this post, I am going to rewrite my goals and visualise myself accomplishing them.

 I guess, keeping ‘My success journal’ makes so much sense now…

…and having a friend like Cathy is priceless…


To your happiness….