This years we have been on our first family holidays. We decided to go to Spain as a kind of a try-out: we have two small kids (3 & % years old), so not every place was suitable to take them. We followed a travel agent advice (her name was Melanie), so we went to Spain to the clearly family-orientated resort.

Our holidays were absolutely fantastic!!!! Both us and kids loved it! 

But I am not here to write about holiday’s resort, etc.

I am here to write to tell you, that we are absolutely proud of ourselves, as our holidays is completely PAID OFF! We managed to save enough money to pay the holiday bookings completely (not by credit cards) and we had enough cash to have a nice relaxing holidays!

I consider it to me a great achievement! Do you know why?

Because about 75% on our bus (transfer from the hotel to the airport) were complaining that they had to come back to work to pay off their huge holiday debt!

Can you imagine? 

When me and my husband hear their complaints, we just smiled to each other and whispered:’that is not us’.

We are already making plans for the next year holidays. We actually already started saving for it. And we know we can do it again.

What about you? Do you go for holidays and come back relaxed or stressed? Relaxed because you do not owe anybody anything? or stressed because now you have to pay off your holiday debt?

Think about it next time when an idea for holidays crosses your mind…

make sure you will be able to enjoy it to the full.

Like we did!

To your happiness