Human beings are a bit of strange creatures.

Many of us would like to start a lot of things, but instead of taking a first step we come up and hundreds of reason for not doing it.

Do you want to save money? Yes, but…

Do you want to lose weight? Yes, but…

Do you want to start a new project? Yes, but…

 We just love this ‘but’ word. We just love finding reason for things not working out (and it is never us to be blames, it is always somebody or something else)

 Well, let just say we do manage to START.

And then… we rarely finish. Why?

Why are we quitters?

In a short term it is easier o to quit than fall through. We don’t like sacrifices.

We want immediate reward. And if we don’t get it we simply quit.

 The quitting becomes a habit, very powerful one, which is very hard to break.

Eventually it lowers our self-esteem, so it becomes very difficult to start anything new.

Anything that requires making a decision, planning and taking action, usually backed by a sacrifice on the way towards our goal.

But the reward is there for us at the end – if we keep falling thorough.

 I’m sure there is a lot of thing in your life you have accomplished so far. All those big and small successes you don’t remember right now (why not make a list of them?).

 Recall now one such a situation when you set a goal, made a plan and took action. And at the end you could proudly say to yourself: ‘I MADE IT.

Do you remember how did you feel? Did you feel satisfied? Of course you did!

 Remember: “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.”

You don’t want to set a goal and take action because it will cost too much? Too much in terms of time, money or other sacrifice?

Consider, how much it is going to cost you if you quit.

 Finish what you have started. Don’t quit.

 Your future is at stake.


To your happiness