…is how you do everything.

 A powerful quote, isn’t it? I came across it last night, while reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

It gave a lot to think about. So much, that I actually was lying in bed for a long time without even feeling sleepy (last time I looked at the watch was 3 am(!), and I had to get up at 5.30. so not much sleep for me).

I was staring at the celling reviewing my life. All my actions; all my goals, those accomplished and those still in progress. After a while it became clear to me what I needed to improve. unfortunately it was a bit late to write al down in my journal. So I only made a quick note (bullet points) to remind myself what I needed to do.

 So here I am. As I am writing this post I am actually taking a small break from a review. I write each goal separately and revise my action plan. Write down what is working and what is not. Write down what I am planning to do (and what I am planning to stop doing).

 SO this becomes a Goal now.

And I am going to set up a recurring event in my diary to do it al least every three months. To keep a reminder for for doing it.


To your happiness