The knowledge you have at the current stage of your life gives you a sense of being in control.

Or being out of control.

If there is something essential for you to lead a happy, fulfilled life, something you don’t quite know much about it, your ultimate goal should to be upgrade your knowledge. And rather quickly.

Two years ago I made quite a few important decisions in my life, which all were based on my primary Goal – to have more time for my family and lead a happy life. At that point I had identified areas in my knowledge, which lacked expertise; even lacked basic understanding.

They were:

  1. Parenting (although I already had two kids)
  2. Finances (although I had worked more than 10 years already)
  3. Health (knowing my own body, control weight, stress)
  4. Marriage (married 6 years; I always had great marriage, but there is always area of improvement)

 I realized that to lead happy life I need to understand what those areas of live mentioned above involved. I couldn’t go to any courses (with two small children and husband being away quite a lot). I turned to books, webinars, and all available stuff in the internet. I was astonished as to how much information is available; and a lot of it for free. I found people that had been in a similar situation in their past and now they had been leaving a happy, fulfilled life.

 All this made me think, that I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. I could simply start doing what others were doing.

 Now after two years I have a tremendous feeling of being in control of my life. I have my goals and plan of how to accomplish them. I have more time for my family. I have more money saved that ever before. Debt or any financial commitments do not control me – I control them.

It is amazing when sometimes I talk to the people around me, and when we hit the topic of money/finances, a lot of them simply admit, that they don’t understand it at all.

Simply being able to earn money is not a proof of your understanding of the money system. If you earn money and you end up with nothing at all at the end of the moth (or week) and have incurred some debt – they you need to spend some time to understand the money game. It is time to stop moaning, crying and do something that will put you into control mode. The more you learn about it the better you feel. The more confident you will be and a lot of doors will open for you. Simply by understanding how the system works. The same is about everything else.

As Wayne Dyer once said: ‘The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about’.

Your future depends on your knowledge.

Don’t ignore it.


To your happiness…