It happens to all of us.

We have this bid dream, this goal. To save money, to lose weight. Whatever.

So we start big: we transfer half of our monthly (or weekly) income to the newly opened savings account or come up with a rigid, strict eating and exercising plan. So off we go and…

After few days we feel overwhelmed, exhausted, even defeated.

Because after a week, we have not saved a fortune (dah!) or lost those stubborn 3 stones!

Why did it happen?

Two reasons:

  1. We had unrealistic deadline (remember: there are no unrealistic goals, only crazy deadlines)
  2. We wanted it to achieve after one, big week of sacrifice. and at the end we have been defeated by our own old habit.

You may ask: how come? What my habits have to do with it?

 A lot!

If you have not saved any money for the last 10 years or so, it is very unlikely you will save half of your income this month (or week). You probably spend everything you earn, and then at the end of the month you wonder where the money went. and to be honest I do not know anybody, who would manage to save 50% of their salary (The Big Wealth/Rich savers aim for 20%)

And if you never exercised, you will not start exercising 60 minutes a day.




So what should I do? You may ask.

 My answer is this: start small.

Do you want to save money: Start with saving 1% of your income.

Do you want to start exercising: start with 10-15 minutes’ walk a day.

First develop a small habit, and then, bit by bit, increase the limit: make it 2% of your income, and 20-30 minutes’ walk.

In achieving big goals, those small steps count the most. They allow you to be consistent. After a while you are so into the ‘saving’ and ‘exercising’ mode that you do those things almost on autopilot. This becomes a part of your live, your natural day-to-day activity.

 A while ago I have read this: ‘Inconsistency steals your dreams. Stay consistent in what you do, that how you create the life of your dreams’.

I agree.


To your happiness…