I love reading. And when I read something of a great value I love to share it.

 Today I recommend you a book by Herb Cohen ‘You can negotiate anything’. This book is full of tips and techniques which you can use to negotiate better outcome for yourself, in a matter of win-win situation (not just a plain I win you lose, no, no).

But I recommend it to you, for other reasons too, which are very nice summarized in the statement on the last page:

You alone determine your destiny through your own efforts. Accept this responsibility – not just for yourself, but for us all. You have the power to change your life and the lives of others as well. Don’t back away from the exercise of power or wait for someone else to act. Of course you can get what you want, but part of you should be to help others along the way. The good life is not a passive existence, where you live and let live. it is one of involvement where you live and help live*).

Pretty powerful, isn’t it?

 To your happiness…

*) exert from ‘You Can Negotiate Anything’ by Herb Cohen