Small steps are big steps.

Little decisions can, over time, cause stunningly wonderful results.

Tiny changes lead to real and sustained transformation.

It’s all about evolution rather than revolution.


This very day-can serve as a springboard to an extraordinary professional and personal life.

One decision you make over the coming hours could be the giant leap that launches a tidal wave of greatness that leads you to a place well above your boldest dreams.

Remarkable isn’t it, this thing called choice? And every one of us can exercise it. Yes, every single one of us.

 No decision is unimportant. Every action leads to a reaction. Each move we make creates a consequence and ripples across our destiny.

Getting up earlier when you feel like sleeping is the giant leap that begins a new habit called early rising.

Coming up with a better way to think/feel/behave at work is the giant leap that creates a new inner pathway called excellence and mastery.

Treating people with more respect/kindness and understanding is the giant leap that will soon install a routine called humanity.

 That little first step sends a clear signal to life that you want to change and have the courage to make the first move.

The first move is always the hardest.

Everything’s easier after that.

Step by step, changing and elevating your game gets easier.

You become more confident.

The new habits and internal pathways become more familiar.

And you-almost invisibly-become greater.

And more brilliant. And more of the person you were born to be*.

I love it!

To your happiness…


*) exert from ‘Little black book of stunning success’ by Robin Sharma