Recently I was reading late at night and I came across this:

‘To many people this is a competitive world in which one’s success is measured not by how well you have done compared to your potential but how many you have outdistanced. We all live in a society pervaded by potential Win-Lose situations in which the competitive struggle for admission to “good college” can be as rugged as the competition between McDonald’s and Burger King. some people interpret this to mean that all life is a constant battle of winning and losing. the see the world filled with rivals and competitors, with person that want their jobs, their class standing, their money, their promotion, their parking space, their place in line, or their spouse’*.

Isn’t it true?

How many times in life you hear a comment like:

  • I did it better than you
  • I earn more than you
  • I was first and you were last,
  • I am pretty and you are ugly
  • I am fast, and you are slow
  • etc…

My philosophy in life is simple: the only person I should compare myself to is MYSELF.

If I want to be better, what does that mean?

It means I want to be better than yesterday.

I don’t want to compete with you or anybody else. I don’t want those meaningless battles about the status, possessions.

I opt out.

What about you?


To your happiness…

*from ‘You can negotiate anything’ by Herb Cohen