Today was a lovely day. It was warm and sunny. one of those days that you feel very energetic and a feeling of ‘everything-is-possible’ is with you all the time.

I have just been outside in the garden – My children are now i bed so I had a moment of meditation. a moment just for myself. In moments like this I like to think about my life – what I have accomplished so far. I usually take My Success Book – my journal with me and I flicker through it. That gives me a great feeling of fulfilment and success.

When I finish this post I will sit down in a quiet room and write about my dream life – this is an exercise I take from time to time. I take a pen to paper – my journal – and I put into words My Dream Life.

I do it from time to time, and I like coming back to my notes – comparing how My Dream Life evolves over time. How things that had been important last year, do not matter today. Similarly, how things that never crossed my mind are such a priority today.

Do you ever do that? Do you think about your Dream Life?

Please share it with me…


To your happiness…