Getting up in the morning always seems to be a some kind of an achievement.

For some of us for sure.

I get up at 5.30 am (at weekends a bit later, maybe 7-ish). I have 30 minutes just for myself, to have a nice breakfast, usually with tea. Then I exercise and plan my day. And always say to myself: ‘I believe that something wonderful is going to happen to me today’. That gives me a boost to look forward to a new day. New challenges, new opportunities.

How do you start your day?

Let me guess…

In the morning, you cannot believe that the night is over. You hit snooze million times, hoping for an extra 10 minutes in bed. And probably looking for excuses for staying in bed and not getting up at all.

Does that sound like you? (I truly hope, it does not).

Why not start on in a positive way?

First to be grateful for another night and another day in your life.

Then thinking about all the great things that can and will happen today.

Have  a nice breakfast.

Maybe read something inspiring and motivational.

So, from tomorrow morning, start your day with this…: ‘I believe something wonderful will happen to me today’.

And keep your eyes and ears open, because something wonderful will happen.

Or maybe you would like to share how you start your day?


To your happiness