It was Sunday late evening. Me and my husband were watching TV.

In one moment I heard this: ‘If you don’t try, you’ll never know when your trying may lead you‘. It is a great line.

We, as human beings, are afraid of many things. Most of those fears are acquired over our life. A typical child when he/she is born, is afraid of only two things: loud noises and falling. The rest is inherited by ‘don’t-do-that’s or ‘don’t-touch-that’s repeated all over again.

Hence, we develop a lack of confidence to try anything.

The phrase mentioned above give me a lot to think about. So much that I could not sleep at night. And in the morning, I got up early to write my fears down. I always ‘attack’ my doubts and fears on paper. somehow when i write things down, everything starts looking easier and possible.

And what about you?

What are you afraid of? What stops you from achieving your goals? Those goals, dreams that nobody knows about?

Sit tonight, when everybody is asleep and write them down. I can promise you that ideas, as to how to achieve your dreams will follow.

Just try. At least once.


To your happiness…