You create your own reality.

You interpret your surroundings based on your beliefs.

You describe life and things around you using words.

What words do you use?

How does your self-talk look like?

When you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, what do you see? How do you describe yourself at that point?

You go to work, and you spill coffee all around you.

How do you react and what do you say – ‘Oh, this is the worst day ever’? Or ‘It is not the best beginning of the day’?

And then (at work) something unexpected happen or you here disturbing news, how do you call this occurrence? Is it a problem for you? Or is it a challenge/ or a situation?

Your words describe your life.

They have a powerful impact and a hidden power to influence your behaviour.

They can inspire you, prompt an action (‘challenge’) or demotivate you, freeze you (‘problem’).

they can make you or break you.

Choose them wisely.


To your happiness…