It is easy to say’ Just change’.

But we, as human being love comfort. We become complacent with what we have. It is called the Comfort Zone. If a change is required, we do not do it until it hurts. We do not want massive changes in our lives and we avoid them at all cost. We become trapped in our lives, thinking that to improve our lives we need to undergo a revolution. Revolution in how we think. How we behave, how we feel, how we react, and how we act. and we start justifying why this or that will not work in our case.

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

The best way to achieve positive change is to implement small, baby steps.
If something looks too scary for you, break it into small steps, phases.

What could you do today, very very small thing that brings you closer to the life you want?
-is it saving £5 pounds every month? (you’ll be surprised that you will save £10 or more)
-is it walking for 15 minutes every day? (you’ll be amazed to walk for 30 minutes or more)
-is it starting reading 10 pages a day of a book (any book) (you’ll be shocked to find that reading is such a pleasurable activity and you cannot stop)

If you break it into small steps, repeated on a regular basis, it will not scare you.
In that way you will develop a habit, which will allow you to create the life you want.
Once you create that habit, change in life will happen almost automatically.
You will have a feeling of control and progress I the right direction.

What is it you could do today? Right now?


To your happiness