I know sometimes it is very hard to go on.
You have your goals written down, you have a plan, you take action every day, and, yet, you do feel like everything is against you.
It is like trying to cycle against the wind of swim against the current.
And one day you say: ‘That’s it! No more! I’ve tried, and it didn’t not work!. I guess success and achieving goals are not for me!’
So off you go and blow it! Overspend, overeat. Not care about anything anymore!

I have those moments to.

Do you want to know what I do in moments like this?
I simply take some time for myself – usually late at night. Then I scroll through my Success journal, and read about my past achievements. This is about me achieving goals (even the tiny ones). My Success journal reminds me how far I have come so far!
And then I start writing….. My goals, my plan, my actions…

Recently I heard in the radio somebody saying this:
“When the world overwhelms, start again – with small steps”
It is so simple!

Leave the past, where it is, in the past.

Only today and tomorrow really counts.

You blew yesterday? Today is a new day. Sit down, write your goals, and decide what you are going to do when you get up next day (or maybe immediately?)


To your happiness