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As human beings we have a tendency to discredit simple ideas. Especially if we think that our problem is quite complicated and it is very important to solve it! Because the matter of the problem is complex, here is the thought; the solution must be laborious and very complex as well.

We become victims of O’Higgin’s law. This law states that there is a natural human tendency to complicate things in direct relationship to their importance.

How many times we rejected the idea because it felt too simple?

How many times we have not even tried on the idea, because it seemed to be too simple?

How many times we believed, that the approach would not work (without even one attempt), just because the idea though to be too simple?

To resolve problem (any problem, in fact) we need three simple steps:

Step 1 – identify the problem

Step 2 – decide on solution and action plan

Step 3 – implement an action plan

It is so simple! Too simple, right?

To achieve a goal, to follow a plan of action, to make it work, IT MUST BE SIMPLE!

Most people don’t even try on many ideas, because they think it is too simple to work. They reject it in disbelief, finding all possible reason to justify the fault in the approach

The funny side is, that when the plan of action is too complicated, we have a tendency of not following through because it is too complex, and we feel overwhelmed!

So from today, make your motto to be: KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Take every problem and break it up to three steps (as above)

So what is your goal (Step1)?

  • Do you want to save money?
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you want ……?

What do you need to do to achieve it (Step2)?

 Take action now (Step 3).

It really is that simple.

Keep it that way


To your happiness….