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We have mastered the skill of making excuses.
Each one of us.
When a good idea comes to our head, most of us are looking for excuses, for the reason for this idea to NOT work. We talk to our family, colleagues, maybe neighbour, or a friend. And they usually talk us out of it as well.

Why not looking for the reasons for this idea to work, instead? Why not speak to the actual experts in the subject? The people who had similar idea in the past, they succeeded, and now can offer you valuable advice, tips and support.

But we do love excuses. They make us feel comfortable and safe.
This usually works that way:
– we come up with the idea
– we create an excuse for it not to work
– we justify this excuse to reinforce our decision about ‘ this silly idea’
– so why bother in the first place? This idea is not going to work!

Does this Sound familiar to you?

Wayne Dyer, in his book ‘Stop the excuses!’ describes 18 most common excuses. Here they are:
1. It will be difficult,
2. it’s going to be risky,
3. It will take a long time,
4. There will be family drama,
5. I don’t deserve it,
6. It’s not my nature,
7. I can’t afford it,
8. No one will help me,
9. It has never happened before,
10. I’m not strong enough,
11. I’m too old,
12. The rules won’t let me,
13. It’s too big,
14. I’m not smart enough,
15. I don’t have the energy,
16. It’s my personal family history,
17. I’m too busy,
18. I’m too scared.

My favourite is: ‘I’m too busy’.
Which one is yours?

To your happiness…