Recently I have been a part of an interesting situation which gave me a lot to think about.

I was walking in the city centre, and in front of me, a young woman dropped a coin. I rushed to let her now that one of her coins fell down. Her answer really mesmerized me. That was her exact words:

‘Oh, don’t worry’, she says ‘It’s only 2 penny’

…and she walked away.

It was raining. And for a moment I was standing in the rain, total frozen, with the 2-penny coin in front of me…

I picked up the coin and looked at it in my hand for a while.

As soon as I resumed my walk, almost immediately I have recalled the words of Brian Tracy, from one of his audio program:

‘…your attitude towards money can be assessed by looking how you treat the money you have right now. Look at your wallet; if your money is all scrambled and mixed up, and you don’t know what you have, that means you are not very good money that in general means that if you do not appreciate money, money will never come to you and stay. By having your money neatly cared for and in order, you will always attract more money, than those who don’t’.

So, what would you think about the person who doesn’t even bother to pick up a coin?

You may say: ‘well, it was only 2 penny; there is no much use of it’.

Is it the attitude: easy comes easy goes?

What if that 2 penny was needed to buy you a loaf of bread?

What if you needed it to make a phone call to somebody you love?

What if I tell you that by taking care of your pennies, you are taking care of your whole financial life?

Yes, by being serious about 2 penny, you are being serious about this whole business called money.

By carefully examining where your 2 penny is being spent you take control over your life, financial aspect especially.

You don’t believe me?

Let’s make a test then. Resume from today to carefully observe where your money is going, where do you spend it, what do you buy? Write down everything you spend over the course of a week. This will change your idea about money. This will make you more careful about spending your money; each spending decision will be analysed and thought through. You will have it all neat and organised.

And the, every 2 penny will mean the world to you.

But, if it is still only 2 penny to you, and you don’t bother with it, when you drop it….


To your happiness