Sometimes, when I have more time, I like going for a shopping to the big supermarket and like to observe people passing me by. It is amazing how much you can learn just be observing. It is a truly learning experience just to observe other when they shop, when they are asking the staff for help (how they ask mostly).

What I learnt is that most of the people are unhappy; their face expressions tell me that they are hurried and stressed. They try to follow their shopping lists, and forget about human touch. When a staff member informs them that a particular item is out of stock, they respond in anger (obviously assuming, that the staff member just hid the item from them?).

But from time to time, I can catch a glimpse of the happiness – somebody with a half-smile – obviously thinking about something nice happening to them. Or they just recall some memories. Or maybe they are just happy to be on their shopping spree?

Whatever the reason – they are happy.

They are happy, even if the items from the list are out of stock.

They are happy, even if it is raining outside and they will get soaked loading their items to the boot.

They are happy, because they have chosen to be happy.

It’s their habit now.

What is good of it for you? Well, you can be happy to. Despite your situation, circumstances, etc.

Happiness is a habit.

You decide when you get up from bed in the morning that you are going to be happy. No one else has that control and power.

Remember: you can be happy or miserable. Being miserable is a habit too.

You have that choice! Will you take an advantage of it?


To your happiness…