Today is 1st February. 31 days ago we welcomed New Year.

New Year 2016 – new hopes, new visions, new plans, new promises.

Pull out the list of your goals (which you have made on the 1st of January).

Time for the reviewing process: where are you now with the accomplishment of your goals? Now, after a month it’s time to re-examine them. Time to review your progress and your actions, so far. Check what is working and what is not. Maybe it’s time for new ideas?

Or maybe it is just time to actually write your goals? Maybe you haven’t written them on the 1st of January, and time had just flown by so quickly, that now you have now realised that a whole month is gone?

If you haven’t written your goals yet – there is no better time to start then now. Perhaps you should stop reading this, take a pen to paper and write them down – there is never too late to dream and make a plan to make this dream to come true.

Don’t delay. Each time you procrastinate in this matter, you actually put aside your future. Don’t get caught in ‘everyday ‘ – don’t get caught in your usual things you do every day (because ‘that’s just life’); don’t let others to discourage you either(you don’t have to tell them about your dream life you are going to have in the future).

Don’t let yourself get discouraged. No matter how ‘unaccomplishable’ you goals seem to be right now – take a first step and write them down. And then make a plan of small, tiny steps that you can take every day. So every day, you put yourself closer to the life you have always dreamt of.

Don’t delay.

Believe me, just putting your goals to paper will bring miracles…


To your happiness…