So, Christmas is coming…

Everybody is getting into festive mood, shopping fever and present puzzle (what to buy and where?).
At work we had a Christmas celebrations and a Secret Santa. Now, Secret Santa is a bit frightening; the thing is that you draw a name from a hat (where all participants’ names are) and you pray you got somebody you know something about – to make it easier to buy a present.
I never reveal who I got, and I never want to know who got me – that’s the whole fun in Secret Santa fun, right?
Actually, this year I took part in two Secret Santa’s draws.
And I also got two present as well. I got a book and 3 pairs of warm spotty socks 😉
A book – very good present for me, as I love reading and I always encourage others to do the same   (I have already started reading this one).
Socks – will keep me warm in the night when I read my books.
That makes me think: so many people I know don’t read. They have plenty of excuses (no need to list them here).
But to start reading you need two (or three things)
  • a book,
  • a pair of warm socks (or a blanket) to keep you cosy;)
And maybe a cup of tea… (prepared by somebody close to your heart)


To your happiness…