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Have you ever got that feeling at the end of the day, when you were exhausted, but nothing seemed to be done?

I bet you have.

You fall down to bed, wondering why you didn’t do things that are really important. You got up this morning hoping to exercise, to sort out your wardrobe, maybe read a book, whatever. And yet you got stock in washing-up dishes, grocery shopping, and laundry. Maybe you spent give a time surfing the web (and yes, it was not just this innocent 10 minutes). Let’s not forget about preparing meals o the top of that.

Let’s face the fact. You can have/do everything – just not at the same time. Sometimes do to the important things, you must give up doing less important things. Things that do not contribute to your goals/dreams at all. I call it minutiae.

Don’t think you are expected to do everything by yourself – juggling between laundry, gym, shopping, reading, etc, is an exhausting task, and does not lead anything good. Certainly doesn’t make you productive. it makes you busy, but without significant outcome. Business DOES NOT EQUAL productive.

Remember, Superwoman is a myth. You can’t do it all at the same time. Make a list of things to do, then prioritize, forget about minutiae.  You will feel far happier and fulfilled knowing that important things are done, the rest can wait.

To your happiness…