Just one of those days. You feel sad (you don’t even know why), down (why?) and feel like spending some money will make you feel better.

You feel like you desperately need something, now; so you open up your computer and start searching online. You want to buy something badly. And you want it now! One thing is 10% off the original price, the other is 30% off, and … even 75% off. You think BARGAIN! And you buy it. You immediately feel happier. So much happier, that you don’t even realise that you spent money on something you didn’t need at all in the first place. Bargain? I don’t think so!

You have just become a victim of so-called- Retail Therapy.

This is a phenomenon very well described by T Harv Eker, in his book: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (p160) . I am going to write it here in full:” ……..buying things for immediate gratification is nothing more than a futile attempt to make up for our dissatisfaction in life.More often than not, “spending” money you don’t have comes from “expending” emotions you do have. This syndrome is commonly known as retail therapy. Overspending and theneed for immediate gratification have little to do with the actual item you’re buying, and everything to do with lack of fulfillment in your life”.

Do you recognize this?

I do – I have been victim of this many, many times.

But I am getting better at fighting this.

What do I do, when I feel a strong urge to buy something to make me feel better ?  I do something that indeed makes me feel better –I jump on my bike and cycle for at least 30 minutes! Looking for the reasons of why I should not spend money today.

By the time I finish, the feeling of spending money is gone!

So next time, when you feel like you need to spend money to feel better – do what you love doing. What is it: reading? exercising? meeting friend? even watching Tv will do (although not for long, please)

To your happiness…