When you start a new venture, new idea, anything new, you meet a lot of resistance.

You have a feeling that great advices pop like mushrooms after the rain, to tell you that whatever you are trying to do, accomplish is not going to work.

In situation like this, my question always is:” How do you mean?” or “How do you know?”

Then I ask: “Have you ever tried this before?” and when the answer is “No”, I know this “advice” is to be scrapped.

Human beings are very interesting creatures.

When we have an idea, we want to do things on our own – we want all the credit. We hardly ever ask for an advice. And if we do – usually we ask the wrong people.

Let me look at this from the perspective. Who do you ask when you want to sort out your finances, love life, car problems, or lose weight? Who do you ask for an advice? And who do you speak about it to?

It seems to be in our genes to learn “the hard way”. We listen to the people who have not achieved anything, but have plenty of “good” tips, regarding, how-to, when-to, why-to, etc.

And when you try to go against the “good” advice, you hear that you shouldn’t do that. You should follow the crow, because that’s-the-way-the-ball-bounces. It always been like that, so why change things? Why rock this boat?

But if you don’t like the way-the-ball-bounces, it is up to you to change it. It may, and will, take some time, before you see effects of your work.  And making a DECISION to change your life may be the most difficult part of this process. But this first step it is the most important – you need to know what you need to change, before you can make this decision.

And that is when my usual “pen-to-paper” comes in.

Nothing works better that writing things down, in a clear way. At that stage clarity is everything. No wooshy-washy – just clear, straight statement as to where you are now and where you want to be; how do you want your life to look like. And what you need to do to take you there.

That would most likely mean that your ball will bounce differently from the other’s.

And after a while, maybe few days, months or even years, when you have the life of your dreams you can say to yourself that it was worth to go against the crowd.

That it was worth to bounce-that-ball- your way.

Some people will not like that – not because they don’t like you, but because you will remind them, that they never had courage to bounce-that-ball their way. They gave up, while you stayed strong.

And then you can be like Frank Sinatra signing: “I did my way”

To your happiness