I believe everyone is lucky. In some way.

What makes people lucky? It is not actual ‘luck’ it itself, but it is more the personality; their attitude, habits, etc

But we prefer to believe that others are luckier than us. We seem to downgrade our luck in favor to others. We tend not to notice that ‘this luck’ that others have is paved with a lot of sacrifices and commitments. What we sometimes see as on overnight success, in fact is a long time filled with down-to-earth hard work.

Just look at others who ‘recently’ lost some weight. What we see is the end result – those kilograms went away, and the person is ‘so lucky’ to have this extra weight shook off. What we don’t see is the endless trials and errors of method of losing weight. We don’t see those struggles at the gym or in front of the fridge (to try not to eat that extra piece of cake), those tear at the end of the day, when all diet went wrong.

Another area of a common luck is the social status. Those who drive fancy cars, have fancy clothes, or can go for holidays are ‘so lucky’. What we don’t see is that maybe they were saving hard earned money to have all those things?  Maybe to do those visible things they had to sacrifice something different (which usually is the case).

You are probably thinking right now, that luck is something you cannot control, you either have it or not. And I am going to tell you that you can create your own luck.


Just ask yourself: in which area of my life I want to be lucky?

Do you want to be lucky to lose that excess weight? So, what are you willing to start doing today to accomplish this?

Do you want to control financial aspect of your life? So, what are you willing to start doing today to accomplish this?

Do you want to go for a fancy holidays? So, what are you willing to start doing today to accomplish this?

Create your own luck. Change your attitude, change the perspective.

Appreciate what you have and think what you can do to have more of it.

You are already lucky. YOU REALLY ARE!

Appreciate who is a part of your life right now, what you know, what you have; your possibilities and opportunities (remember, there are others in this world, that don’t have even a tiny bit of what you have).

Start right now. Take a pen to paper and write down what being lucky means to you.

And then get to work to get it! So later on, when others tell you, how luck you are you can tell them: Yes, I have created my own luck!

To your happiness…