Monday post

Imagine this situation for a moment:

It’s Friday evening. You have ordered a massive pizza, opened a beer and you are just about to start a feast – you have been waiting for it all week. So you open a beer and take your first slice of pizza – it is delicious. You eat it in a record speed and obviously you grab another one (you have ordered this massive pizza – it is not going to waste!). After second slice you feel you are full, but you go for another one – and hey, your beer is gone – time for another one….

Long story short; after 2 beers and 4 slices of pizza you start feeling a bit uncomfortable. You realise that you’ve eaten too much and now feel stuffed.

The thought enters your mind: on the next Monday You are starting your diet! You are changing your eating habits – no more 4 slices of pizza and no more 2 beers. You have to lose some weight anyway, so may even start exercising. On the next Monday – here is the thought.

On Sunday, you order some different takeaway. How do you justify it? Well, on Monday you are starting your new diet, so you will not be allowed to eat that type of food, so you are going to reward yourself upfront. Because, THE NEXT MONDAY your life is going to change!

But on Monday – you forget to start your diet, by having a bit large meal for breakfast and then lunch. So you have to wait until THE NEXT MONDAY to start your diet – as you have already blown this Monday anyway!

There is something truly powerful about THE NEXT MONDAY!

We seem to delay major decisions in our lives until the NEXT MONDAY.

Just look how we talk to yourself:


  • I am going to start saving money
  • I am going to exercise everyday
  • I am going to keep my room/house nice and clean
  • I am starting a new diet
  • (put here what just crossed your mind)

Why not start right now, today, in this moment?

Why not eat only 2 slices of pizza (instead of 4) and maybe go for a walk after?

Why wait until THE NEXT MONDAY?

You don’t know how to start?

Why not take a pen to paper – write down your goal, and then make a plan how to achieve it:

  • Do you want to lose weight? What do you have to start/stop doing right now? Right it down!
  • Do you want to keep your room tidy? What do you have to start/stop doing right now? Right it down!
  • Do you want to save money? What do you have to start/stop doing right now? Right it down!

It all starts with writing it down in a clear, plain manner. as more you write as more ideas you will have.

Write it down, now!

As Jim Rohn would say: ‘Whatever project it is, start NOW!’

Do not wait until THE NEXT MONDAY!

To your happiness…