On Saturday I went for shopping – routine activity at the weekend to update the stock in the kitchen.

At the counter, there was a girl with a beautiful make-up. [If you are a girl, and like having make-up on, you will notice, that some women just look stunning!] .This girl’s make-up looked very, very professional. So I told her: ’I like your make-up. Did you apply it like that yourself?’ Her answer was shocking: ‘oh, no, it’s terrible today; I’m a real crap in doing this’…

That made me think….

How do I react , when somebody compliments me?

How do you react , when somebody compliments you?

generally, we are not very good in acknowledging compliments. In most cases we are surprised – I’m sure you had been previously in the situation when you wore some old, vantage piece of clothing, and somebody suddenly mentioned to you, how great it looked on you.‘You must be mad’ goes immediately through you head (…but hopefully not through your mouth!). If you are taken by such surprise, a simple ‘Thank you’ is the way to go.

And don’t forget to smile.

Don’t get into justifying or self-beating mode, like saying: ‘Oh, that old piece? You must be joking! Don’t try to be nice, I know I look terrible; this will take all the charm out of the situation. This is usually extra difficult for women – as we were conditioned to be modest and by some way we are experts in taking away our own value.

When somebody says something about your clothing, make –up, etc, just smile, say ‘Thank you’ and move on! Those, even small compliments, almost always carry a  message – small fashion tips, behaviour tips, etc – so use it to your advantage.

To your happiness…