Conflicts and arguments are inevitable. No matter how positive and optimistic person you are, they will get to you. Eventually.

Every day, at home/work/school is filled with a potential strike of conflict – a mix of people with different backgrounds, ambitions, duties – a powerful combination of a highly explosive material!!!

The thing is if you won’t settle your conflict/argument at a reasonable time, it will ‘eat’ you from the inside. It will affect your day (many days and nights) in a very destructive way: in terms of your mood, relationships, productivity, etc. Why spend hours for thinking about ‘what if’ if you can actually find out by just asking?

At work – settle as soon as possible – talk, call, email, etc

At home – don’t go to bed with the conflict/argument in the air As I always ask: ‘Is it worth to lose a good night sleep over this?’

Or maybe there is no problem at all? Sometimes, when we are filled with emotions from the previous day, we are hyper and up for a fight, we tend to misinterpret the meaning of the incident. The result being, we are ready for a meaningless fight, which does not help to settle anything. It actually makes things worst.

Maybe you want an apology. Question is: is this something that you need or just want? Is this something that you think you deserve?

A good think is always to take a small walk, and take a few deep breaths – to have a different perspective. To ask yourself; ‘Is it worth? Is this what I want?’ And, if after that you still have a thing or two to settle – go for it.

But don’t forget to be kind and nice. You are to settle things straight, not make enemies.

To your happiness…