Yesterday we came back from our holidays. We spent nice four days in a leisure village – Trabolgan, near Cork, Ireland.

Very interesting place, very much family orientated -a lot of playgrounds, play parks, mini activities… and access to swimming pool all day. Every evening, there was children’s entertainment (so they can have fun while you are relaxing) – cartoon figures and disco.

My boys were a little bit too young to use most of the activates, but there was one mini-go-carts field, where for €2.00 a child could have fun on the motorized cart and go around in laps – Tomas loved it. But Adam was a bit too little to be allowed to use it. He was quite upset about this, so the lady, who was in charge decided, that he can use the cart! But without any power, she just gave him a push for two laps. And he was very happy. She did not have to do it at all! And we did not ask her!

She made Adam very happy and pleased! And she was very happy to see his smile as well!

So as you can see, this world is full of good, nice people. And it doesn’t take much to bring happiness to somebody else’s life.

What can you do today, tomorrow to make somebody else happy?

To your happiness…