At the weekend I was reading a book for parents, about how to raise happy, skilled kids (‘Parents do make a difference: How to Raise Kids with Solid Character, Strong Minds, and Caring Hearts’ by Michele Borba).

One of the chapters was about setting goals.

Life without goals does not make sense. Goals give you a purpose, a direction in life. They give you a sense of meaning and motivate you in your everyday actions. According to Wikipedia, a goal is a desired result that a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve, which leads to the personal development.

(By the way, what are your goals?)

I have heard before about the concept of SMART goals; and I am sure you have heard about it as well.

When you decipher each letter it means:

S-SPECIFIC- do you know exactly what you want to achieve?

M-MEASURABLE – how will you measure your success?

A-ACHIEVABLE/ATTAINABLE – is it possible to achieve this?

R-REALISTIC or RELEVANT – are you willing to work toward your goal?

T-TIMEBOUNDED – what is your time frame?

The book mentioned above presents an alternative idea, called COMPASS goals.

Here is a deciphered meaning:

C – CLEAR can you clearly picture exactly what you want to accomplish?

O – OWN – is this something you really want to ‘own’ and take responsibility for achieving?

M-MEASURABLE – how will you measure a progress and success?

P –POSITIVE – will this help you grow positively?

A – ACHIEVABLE – can you actually achieve this?

S-SPECIFIC – can you explain the specifics of the plan to someone else?

S- SENSIBLE – does it make sense to do this?

As you can see both concepts are similar, but what I like the most about the COMPASS goal, it asks a very important question. Is your goal SENSIBLE? Does it make sense to pursue that goals and use your energy to attain it?

Many of us decide to achieve something without actually thinking if this particular goal makes sense. I am guilty of that as well. We set up for something, and after a while we realise that it was not the best goal at all, but our own pride and ego do not allow us to change it. At these moments it is not about giving up; it is about flexibility and rethinking process to giving a reason to our actions. (…and you do not have to confess to anybody that you are doing it).

Always remember that your goals will change over time. They will change because you will change. Setting goals in life is a skill, learnable skill, so you will notice that your goals will become more attainable, more fulfilling and in line with your purpose in life. And this takes time.

Start applying SMART or COMPASS concept from today.

And watch how your life is changing.

Changing for the best.

To your happiness…


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