I’m just back from the swimming pool. It’s 9:30pm.

I haven’t swum in weeks (or months?) and I must admit I feel great!

So my goal is to go every Monday evening (thanks to a big encouragement from my husband).

It may sound a bit odd for you, that I go for my swim at 7pm, on Monday. I can hear you saying: ‘You are mad, Woman!’

Well, let me tell you this. I am a wife and mom, I’m working full time. So obviously I cannot go for a swim during the day. To be honest, whatever I want to do, whatever I am passionate about, I can only do late in the evening, or even at night.

I remember few months ago I was listening a motivational audio program about excuses. The speaker was talking about the myth of being busy and not finding time for the stuff we love to do. The exact words were: ‘If you cannot do things during the day, there is always a possibility to do it at night’. I must say that came to me as a bit of a shock and it took good few weeks to understand the meaning of these words. To understand that finding time for the things I love to do must be my number one priority.

And now, probably, I am going to prove to you now that I am completely mad:

–       I exercise at 5.30 am most mornings

–       I truly intend from today to go for a swim at 7-8pm on Monday evening (that’s is a new one)

–       I read every night (at least 10 pages a day)

–       I do any budget/finance analysis when everybody is sleeping

–       I work on my social media profiles at night

Is this sound like a mad to you?

Of course it does!

But you know what? I am happy. Doing those things late at night makes me really happy. Doing those things late at night is the only possibility (for now).

As the mentioned above speaker said…’there is always an opportunity to do it at night’

You can find the time for the things you love to do.

But it is up to you, if you take this ‘at night’ opportunity.

The choice is yours.

To your happiness…