Recently, I have attended an interesting seminar. In general, the main theme was to combine sport and business.

All speakers were very enthusiastic; the inspiration was in the air.

One of the speakers introduced an idea called ‘the power of YET’.

What it means is that each time we describe something you don’t know, don’t have or lack, you add the word YET at the end of your statement. For example:

  • I have not lost this weight, YET
  • I have not saved any money, YET
  • I am not good public speaker, YET.

I have started implementing this technique right away and it made a tremendous change in my approach to life. Every moment when I am adding YET, I am focused on finding out what I need to do to get that missing thing or skill. Or simply makes me answer the question of why I have not got it so far. But what it also means is that everything in life is possible to achieve or accomplish. I have my WHY, so now I only need to figure out my HOW.

Try it yourself.

Use YET and enjoy the outcome. You will be surprised what result that may bring.

To your happiness…