You are extraordinary. You’ve been put in the planet to achieve extraordinary things.

When I say it to people they usually look at me strange, like I am mad or something. ‘Me? Extraordinary? I have not achieved anything in my life, don’t be silly” they tell me back.

And my answer back is always: ‘Yes, you have’.

We are all extraordinary. And we all have achieved extraordinary things. It is juts our memory is usually short, so we do not remember them.

If you think you have not achieved anything, do something for me. Take a piece of paper and pen and write about your life. Soon, you will discover that you have plenty of triumphs and achievements.

Why not create a journal – “My triumphs record” and make a note of everything you achieved I life. No matter how small is your goal, no matter how silly it sounds, if you accomplished it, it is a success. It is a triumph. Write it down. Whenever you feel down and worthless (as we all do sometimes) come back to your triumphs record and read them. Read them out loud. This will build your self-esteem and help you to regain your confidence to achieve even more in life.

Start you TRIUMPHS record now. Call it the way you want:  Success book, Goals book, whatever. And write down all achievements of your life.

You will be surprised how much you have accomplished.

To your happiness…