I always encourage people to write their goals.

Some people say to me that they do not how to start. Well, it’s quite simple, just start very small.

Start setting up really small goals, short-term, like:

  • I want to read 10 pages of book a day
  • I want to lose a pound of weight this week.
  • I want to save £20 this month

There are two main benefits of starting small:

  • you learn to set up achievable goals; most people come up with very unrealistic, and when they can’t achieve it (no surprise) they give up.
  • once you achieve your goals, your self-esteem goes up, you believe more in yourself and you are keen to set up new, more challenging goal.

Do you know what is the average number of people who attempt on the new goal? It’s less than one. Most people don’t even try the first time. What they do is, they set up a goal, and then they find every possible reason for this or this not working.

By setting up your goals you are already extraordinary. You prove to yourself that you know what you want and you know how to get there. All you need is a plan to use your time in the most effective way.

To make it even more effective do this.  Whenever you set up a new goal, start working on it immediately. Develop a plan and put it into action, even if it is a small step towards it.

Do not waste your time for WHAT IFs.

If you spend your time do create your WHAT Ifs list, your energy and enthusiasm will go down. You will let your doubts take control over yourself and instead of taking action you will be finding excuses. This will not take you very far, will it?

[A word of warning: sometimes your WHAT Ifs list gets created by the people you decide to share your goals with. So, think twice before you share them with others.  I only share my goals with people I trust and believe they want the best for me.]

So today, right now, take a pen to paper and write 10 goals. Then think what you can do immediately that will put you closer to their accomplishment.

Leave WHAT IFs for others.

To your happiness…