Everything is about perspective.

How you look at your life determines how you interpret your circumstances. All your past experiences had shaped your character so far and the way you respond/react to day-to-day situations.

But let’s leave the past behind. This is done, dusted and locked away.

Let’s focus on the future.

How do you want your life to look like in the next 5, 10, 15 years?

Do you have a plan, or you are just tracking away day by day?

Those who have goals also have a plan, and are busy. Busy doing what is needed to accomplish their goals.

Those who live day by day have nothing. All they do is complaining how bad the economy is, how bad people are, how much money they need, and how terrible the work is right now, etc.

Whatever your situation is right now, you can change it. Or you can keep complaining about it.

Do you see the light in the tunnel? Or you don’t even look…

In other words, is your glass half-empty or half-full? The same situation – different interpretation. Different approach, different action, or non-action.

What determines the interpretation?

– your past (maybe it’s time to let something go?)

– your experiences (have you learnt from them, or you just cry over them?)

– your current mind-set (are you a doer? or non-doer?)

-your financial situation (do you know where you are? it may not be as bad as you think)

-your relationships (are you happy where you are?)

-your circle of friends (are they really your friends? maybe it’s time to look around you)

-current changes in your life (they may lead to something good at the end)

If your glass is half-empty you must change your thinking. Immediately.

Make that glass half-full and then you will see how fortunate you are. You will start aprriectaing what you have in life and you will be willing to put effort into creating even more fulfilling life.

But if you keep seeing that glass half-empty – I guess, complaining is all you ever have.

It is your choice.

To your happiness…