Recently I have read a book by Joe Montana “The winning spirit -16 Timeless Principles that drive performance excellence”. I have read quite a number of books on personal development, and this one definitely deserves a high rank. Each chapter (you can guess of 16 total) is short and gives you a lot to think about. And I strongly recommend you to read (what do you say? a chapter a day? From today).


Everyone is a Champion, all we need we need to wake up our Winning spirit within us. As we tend to forget how great we are, and how great potential is within us. Still untouched.

I want to quote the text below directly from the book – this helped me greatly over the past few days in keeping myself on the right track with my goals. I hope it will help you as well.

If you ever find yourself losing touch with the champion spirit that resides within, remind yourself of the following:

It doesn’t matter if you are not the best right now. Use your desire to improve. Have a burn desire. Want to get better.

Don’t worry if other people don’t believe in you. It doesn’t matter. Believe in yourself. Know your strengths. Know your weaknesses. Get clear on the direction you want to go. Find what you love most about life. Show it as often as you possibly can.

Keep an open mind. Don’t ever let someone ask you how old you were when you realized that you knew everything. Ask questions, learn, and be humble, knowing there is always someone better, stronger, wiser.

Take your mental powers seriously. Learn to focus and concentrate. Activate your imagination. See your goals before you. Visualization takes practice, but it is worth it.

Walk like a Champ. This statement is not symbolic or hopeful. To walk like a champion, you must think like a champion. You must feel like a champion. You must search, dig, fight, explore, ask, succeed, and fail, until you know beyond a doubt that the winning spirit lives inside you.

Take a walk.


Read. Yes read, As much as you can. Every book, every article you read can have this ONE idea to help you change your life, and live it the way you want it. Or This One Idea which will keep you on the right track….

To your Happiness…