Usual weekday morning.

I get up, exercise, have breakfast, get ready (makeup dressing up, etc).

Time to wake up my kids (if not already up); we come down together and it’s time for breakfast for them. They usually take some milk in a cap and cereals of their choice in a bowl.

This morning I was observing my younger son – he had some chocolate cheerios in a bowl; normally he is happy just to fish them with his fingers, but today the spoon was involved in this action. My son is two years old son and at the moment he is learning the purpose of cutlery (which usually means most of the food is flying around), so when I saw him grabbing a spoon I could already imagine cheerios everywhere in the room. So my first thought was to take this spoon away.

But no! Today he decided to eat each particular cheerio with a spoon – it was very interesting to observe him. He passionately tried to place one cheerio in the spoon and slowly move the spoon towards his mouth and eat it. He did not succeed most of the time, but never stopped. He was determined to eat his breakfast – ne never get frustrated and kept trying and trying (I wish I could just sit beside him and observe him for longer, but we had to get to school and work soon).

I remember when he just started walking and one day he wanted to claim on the sofa. His sofa was a bit high for him, but that did not stop him trying. Eventually after few days he managed to establish his own claiming technique and soon enough he could sit proudly on the sofa. Nearly like being at the top of Mount Everest!

He was determined by his end result. His goal was to claim that sofa – I was the one who did not believe he could. But he did it. And the smile on his face once being on the top? Priceless. And very encouraging.


Your actions and overall performance are driven by the end result.

What is your goal? What do you want to achieve? What do you need to do to get there?

Everything important in life very often requires a lot of effort and hard work – don’t let this discourage you. Be like a two-year old toddler. Keep trying, keep pushing, aim high, be determined.

Winston Churchill once said that success can be summarized in five words: “Never give up. Never, never give up”

To your happiness…