I came across that phrase a while ago, and I must say it had a powerful effect on me.
I always loved reading.

I remember times when I was a teenager I used to read during the night, and going to school next morning completely unconscious.

And then few years have gone by….


I had my first baby in 2011, and a second – in 2013. And you can imagine I hadn’t got much time to read.
But last year I started to think about my life a lot. And I realised, that I would always be busy, so I better start finding time for the things I love to do. And reading is one of those things.
Since June 2014 I have read more books than probably for the last 10 years. A spectrum is quite wide: parenting, psychology, cooking, fitness, personal development, etc. I also listen to audio programs (usually while driving or exercising) and attend various talk, seminars, and workshops.
A lot of ideas from those books I have already implemented in my life; even if one book gives me one idea I think it is money well spent.
Tip: you don’t have to buy new books each time you find something interesting. You can find books in perfect condition for £2.99. (The key is to look for it – and always do the on-line searching)

When was the last time you read a book?
Any book?
Is there anything you would recommend? Or nor recommend?
Please do.
To your happiness…