On Sunday, my younger son was 2 years old. We had a small party for him; there was a cake with two candles – both he and his brother blew the candles (multiple times – pure fun!). To celebrate we went to swimming pool and gave both our boys presents – a big tractor with a trailer and a bunch of match box cars. They absolutely loved it! Watching them being so happy was filling my heart with joy.

It is now 4 years since kids appeared in our lives. First, nearly 4 years ago, our first son arrived and then, 2 years later, his brother. It is four years filled with a real joy and fun (and some tough times too). Four years that flew by very, very fast.

After everybody went to sleep I started to wonder, what have I accomplished in the past four years? I have a great husband and kids – they are the light of my life. But this is not an accomplishment, this is a gift.

I can certainly say what I achieved last year. Since June 2014 I started seriously thinking about my life; about mine and my family’s future. I had one of those light bulb moments – the moment of the important decisions, to change my life and be happy – to stop worrying and really start enjoying every moment.

I defined my priorities and my values. Now I have dreams, I have goals. And I know how I want my life to look like in the future.  To order to accomplish all my goals I need to change my habits. I have plenty of ‘not-to-do’ habits and my priority is to change them for the ‘to-do’ habits.

I work on my habits everyday – instead of watching TV I spend more time in education myself I read books, articles, listen to audio programs about health, parenting, finances, business, spirituality, etc.

I have a few small accomplishments – my triumphs, which keep me going through tough times. when I feel down and lost I go back to my list of successes, my victories, to boost myself to keep going.

I want to be sure that I use my time effectively, doing the things which I know I should be doing, whether I like it or not.


What have you accomplished/achieved in the last four years?

Or maybe last year?

Where do you want to be in four years’ time from today?

What are your priorities? Your dreams? Your goals?

Don’t let the time to slip through your hands – take control now.

Decide what you want to do and where do you want to be.

Write your goals and act on them.

…so, when I ask you in the next four years, you can tell me: “I am living the life of my dreams”.

I will certainly live mine by then.

To your happiness…