Today I have learnt a lot from my two-year son.


Today we have been at the party, where two bouncy-castles had been organised – the celebration was for a nephew and there was quite a lot of children invited.

I, my husband and my two sons had a wonderful time. The weather was great – quite sunny (although with a bit cold wind on occasions) and we could meet a lot of nice people (and the food was lovely too).

As I said, there were two bouncy castles:  a smaller one – obviously for smaller kids, toddlers, wobblers, etc; and a bigger one, with a slide area.

My older son, he is four soon, was mixing with the older children, although, at the beginning he needed some assistance while claiming up to the slide. He was very proud of himself, when he learnt how to claim up by himself. and I was very proud as well.

My younger son (2 years old in two weeks) also tried to “attack” the bigger bouncy castle. Funny enough, it was me who was saying, that he was two small, not strong enough to play on this, and I continuously tried to direct him to the smaller castle. Each time I moved him, he steered back, and was straight back on his way to the “big guys” castle. Eventually I gave up and let him stay where he wanted. And he had a great time.


It is said, that in the process of achieving your dreams we should be patient and persistent. We should push despite others telling us, that “this cannot be done”. We should ignore nay-sayers and do our own thing. Always take action and never give up.

We should be like a two year old toddler, who decides to get his own way, no matter what others say. We should decide what we want, create a plan and take action immediately. Do everything that leads us in the direction of fulfilling our dreams and accomplishing our goals.

Eventually all the nay-sayers will give up.

To your happiness….