Recently I was sitting bored at home and was surfing through the internet. Usually I log to check the stock market, the news and search for books.

That evening I logged to the online shopping platform and my eye immediately caught this fantastic discount offer for the eye shadows: L’Oreal bare minerals (those small pots with a brush built in; girls would know what I am talking about here) – great offer 3 for the price of £7.99. I was just about to click on Buy-it-now, when I stopped myself asking, what I was doing.

I went to my bathroom and searched through my make-up stock, just to ensure myself that I had plenty of eye shadows and I did not need more.

But what was pushing me to buy this time? I started questioning myself at this moment, because one of my goals was to save money, and clearly this would be an action totally against it. So, what was going on?

I recognised that I was simply bored and a bit lost and unhappy. I needed to do something to cheer myself up and spending money on something, ANYTHING, seemed like a cure – this would give me a short feeling of happiness, but then I would feel mad (spending money like that for something I really don’t need)

So my trigger is definitely boredom, and it is a form of an emotional trigger. It tries to suck money of out my wallet  …and sometimes it causes me to eat, even if I am not hungry (hence weight loss/gain battles).

Does any of these sounds familiar to you? Do you remember a situation when you did something and couldn’t really explain why you did that?

If you are a woman you probably went for shopping with your friends and spend more than expected. You felt like you need to buy something, because others were doing it.

If you are a man, you may have signed for a brand new smart phone, just because ‘everyone’ had a new one.

Triggers can be your enemy in the achieving of your goals. Especially the financial goals.

Recognise them and learn how to stay strong, how to dodge the urgent feeling of spending money or overeat, or whatever it is.

But if you fail to be strong this one time, don’t beat yourself up. Leave this in the past and start again, learn from this experience and I can guarantee, next time you will be stronger. To overcome the triggers is a learning skill and it takes time to acquire. It is a process.

Keep fighting them and after a while, this trigger will not bother you anymore.

To your happiness…