20 reasons

If you want something really badly, you will have it.

Whatever it is. If your reason to have it is strong enough, you will do everything you can to accomplish your goal.

What if you have more than one reason?

I have practised a 20-reason-idea for several months now, and I have to say this really works!

From today, each time whenever you set a new goal for yourself, take a piece of paper and write your goal on the top. Then number from 1 to 20 in a column and commit yourself to write 20 reasons, why your goal is important. What will you achieve by accomplishing it, how this will make you feel. Sit and write until you have 20 reasons written down.

This will have two major impacts on you:

  1. It will enhance the desire to accomplish your goal,
  2. It will help you go through the moments of doubts, set-backs, etc.

Just carry your 20 reason list with you at all time, and ready it frequently.

The best part of it is that you do not have to share that list with anybody.

A word of warning: make sure that your reasons are the right ones. Do not to try to please anybody or do things because others do it. This will only lead to disappointment. Why? Let’s imagine that you set up a goal to lose weight. You do it, because somebody pointed to you that you piled up a few pounds (why do they say it in the first place!!!!!) First of all this may be a sign that you are not accepted the way you are by this person; second – maybe you feel alright the way you are and you don’t actually want to lose weight? I think you got the point here.


From today – 20 reasons for each set goal.

The right reasons.

To your happiness,