We all know that exercising is good for us. We all know it, but not very many of us are actually doing it.

Human creatures are excellent excuse makers. There is always something ion the way. Many times whenever we promise ourselves to exercise, there is something coming up and by the end of the day we are too tired to exercise.

This is an excuse number 1 – ‘I cannot exercise because I am too tired’. Funny thing about exercising is, that it actually gives you energy. I, personally, prefer exercising gin the morning. This gives me energy to tackle all tasks coming in the waking up day.

Excuse number 2 -‘I am too busy’. Well, we are all busy. That is just a nature of life. And it gets busier (don’t you think?). From my experience, it is important to schedule your exercise. Make a plan to do it at certain time of the day, certain time of the week. Organise it.  Think about potential obstacles and tackle them before they tackle you.

Excuse number 3 – ‘I did it before, I didn’t work’. I must admit this is my favourite. Some people have great achievements – lost weight some years ago, going through a challenging fitness/weight loss regime. They celebrated their successes… and stopped their routine. When lost pounds/kilos were back they claimed that all that s*** programme is not working. The key is to keep going. To keep the form, you need to keep exercising. it is not like developing great muscles, and keep it for life without any effort. Don’t you agree?

Excuse number 4 – ‘I come from a big family. We are all big and losing weight is not in my genes’, seriously? That is why you just keep watching TV spending most of the day sitting in your favourite chair with crisp and beer in your hand? I leave this one for you to write your own conclusions.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I am no better; I have moments in my life that I do not feel like exercising.

In a moment like this I apply 10 minutes rule. 10 minutes of walking in place or walking outside is better than nothing. If you want a 10 minute workout, there is a great selection of workouts which last 10-15 minutes. Check ’10 minute solution series’ or Davina in 15 (OK that’s 15, but it is quite good one) or ’10 minute trainer’.

Commit yourself to apply 10 minutes rule for a week, and you will see how that will change your life. If you manage to do it for a week, extend it for another week.

Do not try to overdo it. You may come up with a ‘brilliant ‘idea of exercising everyday for an hour. Chances this will happen are very slim, if you do not exercise at all right now.

It is said that it takes 21 days to lock a new habit. Give it a go. Just 10 minutes a day.

Start now,

to your happiness,,,,,