Yesterday, when I was driving in the morning I have seen a beautiful thing.

I have seen a rainbow. Very intense ribbon of pulsating colors on background of a clear blue sky put me into a happy mood (not that I was unhappy before, oh no no).  I smiled to myself – what a beauty.

And then I have seen more of them. Can you imagine? 20 minute drive and 5 rainbows smiling to me? Nearly waving to me to wish a good day?

Rainbows: I found a great joy in discovering such small miracles.

You are probably wondering why I am writing about this….


Not that long ago I was a completely different person. Always expecting more, always unhappy with what I have, always in a rush.  Expecting a lot from others (and then myself) and then disappointment with the results. I was denying the fact I was responsible and was quickly blaming others for the situations I was in.

If you match this description it is the time to STOP.

Your life will change, when you start paying attention to it. Look what is around you – if there is something not quite as expected, change it. But start with yourself. Say to yourself: ‘I am responsible’

So next time when you are in a rush, slow down.

When you are unhappy, ask why.

When you are disappointed with the results, review your goal or the methodology.

Look for the good and then for the best. It all starts with the attitude.

You can start living today full of joy and happiness or in a denial and blame.

You can smile at the rainbows, or say that getting excited about them is stupid.

The choice is yours.