What a wonderful beginning of the day.

Today when I got up, I found out that my two sons decided to be pirates.

Still being in our PJs, we quickly made pirates hats (muslin squares are great for this) and we started dancing and talking I pirate way. When Daddy got up he was welcomed with ‘Hey matey’. Boys quickly handed me muslin square and within five minute we had another pirate in our team 😉

We were singing and dancing like pirates.  And then we drew a map to a treasure (with a pirate ship, pirate flag and a river;))

??????????????????????????????? 😉

We had great time, this fun was priceless and now I will have fantastic memories.


Spending as much time as possible with my family is my highest priority.

This is not easy: both me and my husband work full time, so the amount f time or our kids is very limited. That is why every weekend is for them. We always plan where we could go just to be together (even if it is just to go to a local park or shopping).


What are your priorities?

Whatever it is make sure that whatever you do is in line with them.

To Your Happiness…