I am a human being. I have my desires, dreams, habits and ….a laziness.I am looking for excuses all the time, getting myself into a whirlpool of unimportant things, just to say ‘I’m too tired’ to do anything else.

Recently I read a book (several books) written by Robert Kiyosaki. He wrote a series of books ‘Rich Dad’, which I strongly recommend you to read (great source of knowledge about money, investing and being poor or rich; all this is a matter to discuss some other day).

In one of them he touches the matter of motivation. I must say at first I was a bit stunned when he said, that, it was not about a motivation but about the commitment. Basically he states that, if one is committed, they will accomplish all their goals and will get where they want to be. Interesting point, don’t you think?

Now, those who know me personally know that I exercise every day. I can clearly see benefit of doing that and I will recommend it to anybody.

But I also have days when I don’t feel like exercising at all (yesterday was one of those days), but I do it anyway. I have in my mind my goal (to be fit, fierce and fabulous ;)) and that makes me to get up and move.

Let’s face the fact. Motivation is what gets you started. You create a goal, then formulate a plan and take action. How many times you decided to lose weight and immediately stopped eating this delicious Jaffa cake and went for a walk or jog? At that point you know you can do it, you believe in yourself and whenever first pounds disappear from the scale you feel fantastic. You are totally on the way of creating new, health habits and your energy emanates from you (and everybody starts wondering what the hell is with you, why you are so happy, energetic and upbeat!).

After a while your pound-shedding process slows down and your motivation hits the floor!

This is a moment that most people give up. They start taking shortcuts. …and bad habits are back and take over. Suddenly it is too cold to go for a walk, or you are too tired to exercise, etc. Previously lost pounds are back and everybody is being informed that the system does not work and losing weight is extremely difficult.

Exactly at this moment you should have your goal in your head! Tell yourself again that you can do it and you will do it. Recall these fantastic feelings from the beginning of this journey. Call your buddy/mentor and tell them you need support. Review your results so far. Change the plan, change the approach. Maybe adjust your goal a little bit? Do something different! But don’t give up!  You are in this small percentage group of people, who actually do something (most people don’t even try). Create a rewarding system (smart system: do not eat doughnut for each  pond you’ve lost!).

The most important – do not beat yourself up! Everybody makes mistakes and has those slip-ups. That is how you learn about yourself; treat it as a form of feedback – next time in the moment of weakness you will know how to fight.

Motivation gets you started. Commitment keeps you going!